Simple, Efficient and Transparent Freight Transactions.


Become the one point contact for discovering available loads and available trucks.


Strive to provide the best collection of load information, verified truck location and availability, price variation for a route, broker/driver ratings over all regions of India.


Provide super convenience for transporters, brokers and truck operators to match their operational and payment needs through an end-to-end transaction.

The Indian Logistics industry doesn't need a revolution. It already manages millions of transactions a day and quite well. It needs an enabler. We’re building technology tools and a transparent platform that will enable stakeholders such as truck owners, brokers and logistics companies to make transactions simple, efficient and transparent.

Our team has significant experience in delivering enterprise class web/mobile applications and business workflow platforms. Our operations expertise comes from implementing Toyota Production System in logistics and transportation businesses.

We are based in Mumbai and currently have operations on key inter-city routes.

Get an invite to become part of the rapidly growing platform for India’s transportation industry and community. We are open to different forms of collaborations and partnerships.

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