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Why ClickScore

There is room for improvement in every Google AdWords account, including yours.

ClickScore identifies opportunities for better performance in these 3 areas.


Find out which keywords convert and which ones are a waste of your money, including negative keywords.


Make sure your keywords are targeting online searches that are a match for what your business provides.


See if the structure of your AdWords account is setting you up for success or a confusing mess of metrics.

What You Get

Your free ClickScore report is an analysis of overall AdWords performance that considers industry, number of keywords, campaign age, quality of keywords and more.

Keyword Relevancy

Zero in on the right mix of broad, phrase and exact match keywords for your audience.

Negative Keywords

Find your ideal target and stay away from non-starters with the right negative keywords.

Quality Score

Learn if the experience you’re delivering after the click is optimized for relevance and cost.

Good To Know

ClickScore inventor Evolve Digital Labs works with clients in a variety of industries, helping them exceed expectations for online growth and performance.

“We can say with full confidence that Evolve Digital Labs has been the best agency we have ever worked with. The team really took the time to get to know our industry, models and theories.”

Tony Ulwick

Founder and CEO - Strategyn

“Evolve Digital Labs may know more about Google and its inner workings than anyone else in the region.”

St. Louis Business Journal

Fastest Growing Companies 2016, June 2016

“Evolve Digital Labs has been a terrific partner since we started working with them in 2011. Not only are they dynamic in their thinking and utilize innovative technology, the team is always attentive to our needs and constantly watching out for our bottom line."

Amy Kim

Director of Marketing - Charter Business

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