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AWS security best practice assessments and efficient and effective remediation through design and build of automated, highly scalable security controls leveraging the full breath of AWS native security capabilities, is one of our core competencies.

We specialize in the development of robust gateway security controls incorporating best of breed cloud native security solutions to ensure the front door to your cloud assets is a vault.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 offers an impressive set of mobility and collaboration capabilities, but also introduces new information protection risks and security challenges.

We excel at helping you identify your risks and achieve your security and compliance objectives, by providing expert guidance and an actionable plan on how to adopt best practices and successfully implement Microsoft 365 security features.


Identity is the new security perimeter. Our risk-driven intelligent identity management solutions are the first and most important line of defence, providing adaptive security controls while enabling convenience and a seamless end user experience.

We specialize in delivering next gen identity and access management solutions that harness the power of the cloud to apply context to security, and apply policies that enforce the appropriate security controls required to mitigate the risk associated with certain activities.

The dynamic nature of the cloud along with the ease at which digit resources and assets can be created has made it increasingly difficult for security teams to know what is on their network, let alone defend it from attack.

Our state of the art solutions provide complete visibility and detection of vulnerabilities through continuous security monitoring while enabling integration with CI/CD devOps pipelines to automate vulnerability management.

Pen Testing

Periodic penetration testing examines the effectiveness of your security controls, identifies weakness and empowers you to take appropriate action.

With our comprehensive suite of penetration testing services including network testing, cloud infrastructure testing, web application / api testing and social engineering testing, we have you covered from all angles.

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Packlabs is an Australian based technical consultancy that specialize in helping organisation to manage risk by securing and protecting their digital assets hosted in the cloud.

We are a new breed of security company, specialized in implementing innovative security solutions to solve unique cloud security challenges.

We believe, central to all successful cloud-empowered digital transformations is an effective and efficient set of modern security capabilities to protect data, applications and infrastructure from the ever growing list of cyber security threats.

At Packetlabs, cloud security is our forte and our purpose is simple,

“….to help you protect your digital assets….”


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