The evolution of the hemp industry has begun. A new era of commercial-scale farming and cannabinoid-based product development is here. Socati is purpose built to help our partners – farmers, product manufacturers, and brands – become the commercial scale companies that define the future of our industry.

Our Medical Marijuana Facility
  • Stable, proprietary, cannabinoid-rich genetics consistently testing within 12-16% CBD
  • Bulk ultra-high purity cannabinoid isolates
  • Water-soluble solutions for specific product formulas (acidity, brix, opacity, color, odor, taste, special ingredient interaction)
  • Customized Full Spectrum THC-free extracts (truly free of delta-9 THC and delta-9 THCa)

Socati enables scalability and efficiency across various industries:


Food & Beverage

Dietary Supplements


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Vaporizer Manufacturers